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Please note, we currently do not have COVID-19 vaccines. Check back regularly for updates; please do not call your physician’s office.


Wellness should not be about only being active where you live and play. To truly benefit, it should also be included as an everyday core component of where you work.

The LiveWell Wellness Program at White Plans Hospital provides Hospital employees with the support program and resources to help them take better care of themselves. The Hospital is committed to promoting and supporting programs that improve your health and quality of life.

Core wellness programs are centered on physical activity, nutrition, education and prevention. White Plains Hospital works in partnership with professional, independent health and wellness vendors, to help employees take advantage of the many programs and services offered. For added safety and convenience, many of the programs are now available virtually.

So why not check out the programs and services that are available at White Plains Hospital and join in our commitment to wellness! Take CONTROL of your health and "Be Your Best Self!"

For information about programs or services that are offered, contact Benefits Department or at on extension 914-681-2419.

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