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Multiple sclerosis services

At White Plains Hospital, patients have access to the most advanced multiple sclerosis (MS) services for the diagnosis, treatment and support necessary for living a fulfilling life with MS. Through a multidisciplinary approach, our neurologists integrate knowledge of disease-modifying therapies and the treatment of symptoms, while paying attention to the emotional and social impact of the disease.

Services available include:

  • Complete neurological diagnostics, evaluation and treatment by expert neurologists
  • Imaging services by experienced neuroradiologists
  • Comprehensive services in ophthalmology, psychology and pain management
  • A full-time clinical care nurse
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Laboratory testing on site
  • Counseling for newly-diagnosed and established patients

By addressing the needs of those living with MS through coordinated multi-disciplinary care—from medical, to psycho-social and rehabilitation services—White Plains Hospital has been designated as a partner in MS Care and Center for Comprehensive Care by the National MS Society.

Patients are seen at White Plains Hospital Medical & Wellness, 99 Business Park Drive in Armonk.

To learn more about the treatments provided by our neurologists, please visit White Plains Hospital Physician Associates.