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Healthcare has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Your physicians may not come to the hospital, but will work collaboratively with a group of physicians called hospitalists. The benefits are:

  • Hospitalists communicate with your physician during your stay and at your discharge.
  • Your physician is assured that expert medical care is always available for you, even if he or she cannot be present at your bedside.
  • The hospitalist team provides a great deal of personal attention to patients. Patients have the ability to see a physician more often and with more flexible visiting times.
  • Since hospitalists are present all day and night, they can follow up on diagnostic tests quickly and arrive at a treatment plan more efficiently.
  • Once you leave the hospital, your primary care physician resumes your care.

Adult hospitalists

The Adult Hospitalist team consists of board-certified internists under the direction of Rodney Ashir, MD, and Jiyon Chung, MD. Hospitalists serve as primary care providers for patients who are admitted to White Plains Hospital but do not have a primary care provider on the Hospital's medical staff. In addition, private physicians affiliated with the Hospital have requested that the Adult Hospitalist Program care for their patients that require hospital admission. Hospitalists also respond to calls for assistance for any inpatient and serve as team leaders for both the cardiac arrest and rapid response teams.

If you or a family member needs to speak to a patient's hospitalist physician, please ask the nurse caring for the patient to page the hospitalist assigned to manage the patient.

Pediatric hospitalists

Babies and children also benefit from the hospitalists. The pediatric hospitalist team consists of board-certified pediatricians under the direction of Lead Hospitalist, Lori Madmon, DO. Hospitalists serve as the primary providers for patients who are admitted to the Hospital for medical problems and to the Well Baby Nursery, including those who have a primary care provider on the Hospital's medical staff.