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Support services

White Plains Hospital recognizes that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and offers a wide array of patient resources and support services to ease the burden on both the patient and the family. From clinical navigation services, to educational resources, to a breadth of holistic and integrative therapies to enhance the healing process, the support services offered at the Center for Cancer Care are designed to address individual, personalized needs and make the journey of a cancer diagnosis more manageable for both the patient and their loved ones.

In addition to clinical treatments and integrative services, White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care offers a variety of supportive services to our patients, including:


Acupuncture promotes natural healing by enhancing recuperative power and immunity, supporting physical and emotional health, and improving overall function and well-being. At the core of the practice is the focus on Qi (pronounced "chee"), or vital energy, flowing throughout the body. Qi animates the body and protects it from illness, pain and disease, and acupuncturists work to bring Qi into balance.”

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Art therapy

White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care offers Art Therapy as part of its integrative services program. This program is an extension of the Art and Activity Cart which provides an array of crafts and activities including: knitting and crocheting, origami, and journaling books which are free of charge to patients, caregivers, and families. Anyone can benefit from art therapy as it does not depend upon prior training, talent, or experience.”

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Caregiver support

The Center for Cancer Care offers a range of classes and workshops to support caregivers. Caregivers are welcome to join yoga classes, Healing Circle, Knitting Circle, the monthly Caregiver Tea facilitated by a licensed social worker and Coordinator of the Caregiver Support Program, and more.

Contact Caregiver Support at 914.681.2720.

Clinical navigator

We understand a cancer diagnosis can be frightening. In addition to the outstanding multidisciplinary team that is available at our institution, we provide the services of a lung cancer and breast cancer clinical navigator. We have a lung cancer navigator to assist our lung cancer patients through their journey. Our breast program has a certified lay patient navigator to assist patients overcome barriers and schedule their imaging, certified navigators in breast imaging to assist with biopsy education and coordination and a certified clinical navigator once patients are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our navigators' role is to help coordinate a patient's appointments with our multidisciplinary team in a fast and efficacious way in order for a treatment plan to be formulated and initiated. In addition to the navigators' goal to help decease barriers to services and improve access to care, they provide other services that include enrollment into clinical trials and assisting with social and family needs.

Learn more and contact the clinical navigators at 914.849.2758

Diet & nutritional counseling

Nutrition is an important part of the cancer experience. Our dedicated oncology dietitian is available to address diet and nutritional concerns. Workshops and educational in-services on relevant topics are ongoing throughout the year and open to the public.

Contact a nutrition counselor at 914.849.7652 or 914.849.7500

Financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for patients at the Center for Cancer Care. To learn more, visit our billing information.

Financial counselors are also available on site at the Center for Cancer Care and can be reached at 914.681.1259.

Genetic counseling

Cancer genetics professionals are trained to assess a person's risk for developing cancer based on a person's genetic makeup and family history. Following an in-person consultation, specific genetic tests may be ordered based on your personal and/or family history of cancer. Our genetic counselors tailor each consultation to fit your specific needs and provide valuable information on early detection and prevention.

Contact our genetic counseling team at 914.849.7658

Imerman Angels

Emotional support for patients and family members providing support and mentoring.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance offers individualized, supervised exercise training to those who are undergoing cancer treatment. In partnership with White Plains Hospital, their services are offered virtually once per week with a Certified Exercise Oncology Instructor, free of charge to the patients.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance partners with hospitals, fitness centers, and universities across the globe to improve the quality of lives for individuals battling cancer. They provide exercise oncology services to anyone undergoing cancer treatment, regardless of cancer type or age. Speak to your provider about MTCA’s services and for a referral to this very beneficial program.

Integrative services

The Integrative Services Program at White Plains Hospital provides evidence-based, holistic modalities to complement conventional medical care. Delivered by licensed healthcare professionals with advanced education and training in complementary and integrative health and holistic nursing, our innovative model of care improves quality of life, manages symptoms, and helps individuals cope with illness and actively participate in their health and healing.

A variety of holistic modalities we offer include*:

*Subject to change and availability of practitioners.

View our brochure on our Integrative Services Program

Pastoral care

Care of the spirit is an integral part of patient care at White Plains Hospital. The Department of Pastoral Care, comprised of professionally trained and board-certified chaplains, is available to support patients and families encountering the challenges of illness, treatment options or loss. Contact our Department of Pastoral Care at 914.681.2395

Worship Services of many religious traditions are offered periodically throughout the year. Roman Catholic Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion to Catholic patients every day. Electric Sabbath Candles are available to Jewish patients on request. Your own religious leaders are always welcome to visit you in the Hospital, should you wish to contact them.

Patient brochure

Get a look inside the Center for Cancer Care, learn about the services and get helpful information for patients.

Physical therapy

At each rehabilitation visit, patients work directly with our highly trained therapists. These one-on-one sessions are centered on each patient's goal. Whether it's inpatient or outpatient treatment, every care plan focuses on what the desired outcomes. Perhaps that's increasing range of motion or mobility again. No matter the objective, the entire team collaborates with the patient to reach that goal.”

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Social work

Social work services are available to provide support to patients, families and caregivers through their journey of treatment and care. The oncology social worker focuses on the psychological, social and emotional issues that people face during and after cancer treatment.

Our social workers can also offer assistance with decision making, goals of care, advance directives and communication needs. Counseling services are available to patients and family members to help alleviate anxiety and stress and to explore techniques that will lead to stronger and more effective coping. They can also provide other services, including education, referrals to outside resources and support groups.

Contact our social work services at 914.849.7664

Speech pathology

Our speech-language pathologist (SLP) provides cancer patients services including voice, speech, language and cognitive-linguistic disorders in individuals with cancer diagnoses. Patients will be supported prior to, during and after their cancer care for any changes in speech-language or swallowing function.

Contact a speech pathologist at 914.849.7586

Women's health

White Plains Hospital has special services for women undergoing cancer treatment, providing individualized guidance on hormonal, dietary and lifestyle factors, as well as information on treatment side effects, screening, early detection and community outreach initiatives. A clinical navigator is available as part of the program.

Virtual and online support groups

Several virtual and online support groups are available that can be a place to receive or give advice, or simply know you're not alone.

For more information on the support services offered at the White Plains Hospital Center for Cancer Care, call 914.849.7500 or view our support services directory.