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Palliative care

The Palliative Medicine Service at White Plains Hospital is an extra layer of support for you and your family members who are living with and adjusting to life with serious illness. Our team provides comprehensive care that focuses on improving quality of life and reducing suffering at any stage of illness, regardless of diagnosis, prognosis or age.

Patients who are cared for by palliative medicine teams typically have fewer emergency room visits, shorter hospital stays and better results from medical care. They also have higher levels of satisfaction with their entire healthcare experience.

Palliative care can begin at the time of diagnosis or at any time during illness, at the same time as treatment intended to cure or control disease. It differs from hospice care, which is recommended after treatment is stopped, and when life expectancy is thought to be six months or less. When life expectancy is limited and end of life is anticipated, your primary medical team or the Palliative Medicine Service can assist with getting you the support you need.

We provide practical advice that helps you get through treatment, as well as day-to-day to support for you and your family, by spending time talking with you about how your illness and the treatments impact your life.

Our team is here to work with your other doctors to help you be successful and develop a plan that supports you in the hospital and after discharge.

Palliative medicine services

  • Expert pain and symptom management
  • Help with understanding of illness, including goals for care and what to expect from treatment
  • Assistance with complex medical decisions
  • Support and counseling to help cope with the changes serious illness brings to daily life
  • Assistance in communications and collaboration with other medical providers to maximize treatment and care options
  • Help in identifying and connecting with community resources and support programs
  • Assistance with planning for the future, including advance directives

If you want a palliative care provider to work with you, ask for it! Speak to your doctor in the hospital and discuss your interest in getting a referral for palliative services.

  • Maura Del Bene
    Maura Del Bene, NP
  • Christine Coyne
    Christine Beamon, SW
  • Sarah Hazan Prager
    Sarah Hazan Prager, NP
  • Sue McHugh-Salera
    Sue McHugh-Salera, NP
  • Monika Tello
    Monika Tello, NP

  • Taryn Priaulx, RN

  • Deborah Ferretti

  • Kelly Ofsevit

  • Erica Rotundo, NP