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Hip surgery

Hip pain can severely limit a person's daily activities. At White Plains Hospital, our team has the expertise and advanced services necessary to treat hip pain and restore your quality of life.

Managing hip pain

When someone comes to us with a hip problem, our team starts by performing a comprehensive assessment, which may include advanced hip imaging. Oftentimes, hip pain can be relieved through non-surgical techniques, such as interventional pain management and physical therapy. When surgery is required, our surgeons use the latest in minimally invasive techniques to ensure a quicker return to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Hip replacement surgery

When a patient needs a hip replacement, our highly skilled surgeons use innovative surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to provide exceptional results.

Noteworthy features of our approach to surgery include:

Anterior hip replacement. Our surgeons often use the anterior hip replacement technique, which is less invasive than other methods and often results in better mobility after surgery. While traditionally hip replacement surgery involves going through the back (posterior) of the hip and involves cutting through muscles and tendons, the anterior approach involves going through the front of the hip and making a much smaller incision, allowing the surgeon to go between the muscles and tendons. Both procedures provide excellent results, however the anterior approach not only causes considerably less pain, it also eliminates long hospital stays and recovery periods—including fewer post-operative restrictions on the patient's activities.

Hip preservation. Our surgeons are also active in the evolving field of hip preservation surgery, which reconstructs the hip joint without replacing it. For younger patients, hip preservation surgery can address pain and deformity without a complete hip replacement. Our specialists are at the forefront of this innovative procedure, which isn't widely available.

State-of-the-art equipment. Our surgeons often use Mako® robotic arm-assisted hip replacement. This procedure preserves healthy tissue and allows them to target damaged areas. This tool can lead to shorter recovery times and less pain as well.

A virtual preoperative class addresses any questions. It is available in Spanish as well.

We also offer a Joint Replacement Guide, which you can download in English or Spanish.