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Wound and ostomy care

The Carl Weber, M.D., Wound Care Center at White Plains Hospital offers exceptional, individualized patient care for all wounds, including traumatic injuries, burns, venous stasis ulcers, arterial insufficiency wounds, diabetic wounds, skin and soft tissue infections, and postoperative wounds.

Our wound care specialists

Our team of wound care experts is made up of a variety of specialists, including general surgeons, vascular surgeons, infectious disease physicians, plastic surgeons and podiatrists. The valuable integration of our physicians plus nurse practitioners, physical therapists and specialized wound care technicians provides a team approach to optimal wound healing and superb patient care.

The wound care team possesses special knowledge of medications, dressings and vacuum-assisted devices that are instrumental to the treatment of chronic and acute wounds. We also offer some of the most cutting-edge healing modalities that are only available at a handful of advanced wound care centers in the region.

The Wound Care Center functions as a regional referral center for the most complicated and treatment-resistant wounds. Valuable in-house access to support services, including radiology, vascular surgery, cardiology and laboratory medicine, is easily coordinated by the wound care center staff for optimal care and convenience.

Limb preservation program

The White Plains Hospital Limb Preservation Program offers hope to those facing the potential loss of limbs due to chronic disease, wounds and injury. Our goal is simple: to prevent limb loss using the latest advancements and technology so that patients can regain maximum mobility, return to work and activities, and maintain their quality of life.

Learn more about limb preservation.

Ostomy wound care

The Wound Care Center provides a full range of outpatient ostomy care services, as well as bowel fistula management. Our team includes two certified wound, ostomy and continence nurses who are specially trained in the care and management of patients with a stoma and who have extensive experience with complex management issues.

The ostomy clinic provides:

  • Pre- and post-operative counseling on stoma care and management
  • Pre-op stoma marking to ensure that the stoma is in the ideal location for patients to manage their care after surgery
  • Information and education for families and caregivers
  • Management and treatment of peristomal skin problems, stomal complications and ill-fitting appliance issues, as well as common skin complications after surgery
  • Close coordination of care with the patient's primary-care physician or specialty surgeon to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • Evaluation and treatment for people with any transcutaneous tube (feeding tubes, drainage tubes)