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Family and visitors

The health and safety of our patients and babies is our utmost priority. At this time, we have revised our L&D, Maternity and NICU visitation. Upon arrival at the Hospital, all visitors will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms. Please read below for unit-specific visitation policies. We welcome visitors over the age of 18.

Labor and Delivery Visitation:

Two support persons are allowed during your Labor & Delivery experience. A doula may be utilized as your secondary support person. One designated support person of your choosing can remain with you for the duration of your Hospital stay.

Patients undergoing operative procedures are allowed one support person in the recovery room.

Maternity Visitation:

Upon your transfer to our Maternity unit, your designated support person is allowed 24/7 during your stay. Your second support person will be able to visit during normal Hospital visitation hours.

Neonatal ICU Visitation:

Visitation to the NICU is limited to parents only. Please speak to our NICU staff and neonatologists for specific visitation guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.