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Vascular surgery

If you suffer from vascular disease, it can keep you from living your fullest life. Whether it has been caused by genetics, injury, infection, varicose veins or another condition (such as diabetes or heart disease), vascular disease can lead to serious complications. Fortunately, the medical staff at White Plains Hospital specializes in the various methods of treating vascular disease.

Our vascular surgeons are exceptionally qualified to perform procedures using the latest minimally invasive techniques as well as traditional "open" methods to treat vascular conditions like:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)
  • Carotid artery
  • Diseases of the peripheral arteries (PAD)
  • Renal (kidney) artery disease
  • Venous stasis disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Dialysis and chemotherapy access

The vascular team at the Hospital takes a comprehensive approach to treating all forms of vascular disease with the goal of achieving the best patient outcomes. We apply leading-edge techniques that promote a reduction in patient discomfort, recovery time and scarring.

Testing and diagnosis: Timely, accurate and state-of-the-art

Since time is of the essence in diagnosing and managing vascular problems, the Hospital offers a complete, state-of-the-art vascular testing lab to assess each patient’s individual needs.

Our testing modalities include both invasive and noninvasive options, including angiography, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound (Doppler) studies.

These studies are not only helpful in diagnosing existing vascular problems, but often they can provide information helpful in preventing life-threatening conditions, like stroke and ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

To learn more about diagnosis and surgery for vascular diseases or to find a physician, call 914.849.MYMD.

Comprehensive treatment of vascular conditions

  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Aortic aneurysms
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Varicose veins
  • Blood clots/deep vein thrombosis

Vascular lab

The Hospital offers the most current and thorough diagnostic tests for vascular disease, including:

  • Carotid duplex ultrasound
  • Venous duplex ultrasound
  • Pulse volume recording