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In 2020 White Plains Hospital launched an evolution of the "No Compromise" marketing campaign, highlighting our advanced services and expert team of specialists.

Our current campaign

Brand Campaign: Everyday

Past campaigns

Heart Disease Marketing Campaign

Finding a Specialist Liver Marketing Campaign

Brenda Lender, Cardiology Patient

When she almost fainted following a short walk, Brenda knew something was seriously wrong. See how the electrophysiology team at White Plains Hospital helped her keep up with her active family.

Ryan Droege, Colorectal Cancer Patient

Ryan Droege was only 41 years old, into fitness and completely blindsided when a colonoscopy revealed he had advanced colorectal cancer. Now Ryan's back to his active lifestyle and doing the things he loves most.

Vivian Scrocca, Orthopedic Spine Patient

When even the smallest tasks caused her severe pain, Vivian Scrocca went to see her doctor, who told her she would need back surgery. Now Vivian can enjoy gardening and vacations with the grandkids once again.

Julia, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Patient

At 15, Julia suffered a painful knee injury while dancing. That's when she went for a second opinion with a surgeon at the White Plains Hospital Center for Orthopedic & Spine Surgery. In just two months, Julia was back in the dance studio.

Dana Bates, Hand Surgery Patient

When Dana Bates suffered a devastating hand injury, she knew her career as a golf professional was on the line. Now Dana's returned to the sport she loves.

Roger Zeitel, Heart Attack Survivor

When Roger walked into White Plains Hospital, he had no idea he was suffering from a five-day heart attack. Now he's back to playing with the band.

Caitlin Lopez, Genetics Patient

Caitlin had a family history of cancer. An experienced genetic counselor helped guide her through difficult decisions. Now she’s focused less on cancer and more on being a new mom.

Patty Ferris, Breast Cancer Survivor

Patty and Dr. Green have been through a lot together—from her diagnosis to her mastectomy; chemo; and many, many follow-up visits. Now she celebrates 12 years cancer-free.

White Plains Hospital Lung Cancer Team

When an entire team of highly trained surgeons collaborates in the operating room, they can perform complex surgeries even more effectively. Now lung cancer patients get the fighting advantage they need.