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I wanted to take the time to thank your Maternal and Child Health Department, beginning with your technicians, nurses and, in particular, Dr. Joel, Dr. Bávaro, Dr. Giannone, Dr. Fouany, Dr. Barnhard, and Dr. Stella. Not only was I a pregnant patient but I am also a registered nurse at your organization in the labor and delivery unit. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a travel ban was placed and my husband, who is currently an airman in the Air Force stationed in Belgium, was unable to visit me here in New York and I was unable to travel to see him.

I had some complications during the early stages of my pregnancy, but I must say that Dr. Stella In your Perinatology Department was knowledgeable, compassionate, and very thorough with all her assessments. At my regular check up at 36 weeks, I was sent from the office to the Hospital for a pre-eclampsia checkup. I ended up getting admitted, and with my husband being away it was a very scary time for me. Dr. Joel and the rest of the team were quick to identify my problem, formulate a plan of care, and we're extremely supportive. Being on the other side of the equation showed me how great our nurses and doctors are! This has been a stressful time for our family, but I can honestly say that I couldn't have been in better hands.

My husband was given military permission to travel and see me, but as my blood pressure continued to increase I knew there was a chance he might miss my delivery. Although, I was stable on admission, I became more swollen and my blood pressures kept increasing. Suddenly my baby's heart rate started getting tachycardia and her fetal heart rate tracing wasn't as reactive. Dr. Joel was quick to make a decision and she proceeded with an emergent cesarean section at 36 weeks. Although my husband was not with me during delivery, I had the support of my second family - my work family. My baby was born on July 17th at 10:43pm, weighing 7lbs 3 oz., was 19.5 inches long and with a head full of hair! I couldn't feel any more blessed.

I started to have a placental abruption, but my doctor took care of it before it became a big emergency. This is why I chose to deliver at White Plains Hospital and why I chose to work there as well. I couldn't have gotten through this pandemic without my co-workers and their ongoing support, recommendations, and exemplary care. Through my experience as a patient, I was able to see firsthand how the nurses and doctors at our organization are making a difference for all our patients. I am not used to being the patient and I take great pride in working for an organization that prioritizes patient care and patient experience!

My husband landed in New York the next day and our family was finally reunited after being apart for five months! White Plains Hospital is more than my workplace, it's my family. I haven't felt alone during this pregnancy and even though working during the COVID-19 crisis was an adjustment, my co-workers always looked out for me! I would also like to praise the following nurses: Jenny Cartica, Avril Johnson, Erin Lachapelle, Melissa Morales, Aimee Rich, Mary O'Connor, Both Kelly's from 6F, Mary from 6F, and Ashley from 6F. Their bedside manner is admirable and they have a special way of comforting anxious moms to be and new moms, which I find very reassuring during these trying times. Thank you again for everything! And I would also like to thank the unit managers Bonnie Thompson, Mara Persico, Claudia Colantonio, Caitlin To, and our Director, Romina Hipolito, for checking in on me and making sure I had everything I needed during my antepartum, delivery, and postpartum period.