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I was admitted to White Plains Hospital on January 14, 2021 with severe case of pneumonia and spent 16 days in Unit 4I. The overall care I received was amazing, starting with Unit Leader Genti, who truly cared about my comfort and care. Genti exuded confidence, especially when he had to reinsert an interventions tube into my arm in the middle of the night when no one else could find a vein. His professionalism made me feel less anxious. Any fears I may have had were abated. He is a credit to White Plains Hospital and the medical community.

Unfortunately, I do not remember all the nurse's names. They were excellent and several stood out, including Miracle, who truly was one, and Kelly. My physical therapist gave me confidence and reassurance, which inspired me to become proactive in my recovery. Dr. Roshani Shah is an awesome doctor who took such an interest in me as a patient and person I almost thought I was the only one in the Hospital. She even tolerated several of my outbursts. She is a true professional and a credit to both the Hospital and the medical profession. Dr. Catherine Kelly of Emergency Medicine is one of the most comforting and caring doctors I have ever met. She is a tremendous asset to White Plains Hospital. I know these are difficult times and the Hospital staff are running on empty, maybe even a little burnt out, but I wanted you to know how important they were in my healing process.