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Healthy Community Initiative

The mission of the Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) is to positively impact the overall health of our community in a holistic way, working with municipal, community and private partners to create programs that focus on prevention and overall well-being.

This collaborative effort was founded by White Plains Hospital in partnership with the city of White Plains, White Plains School District, the Ministers Fellowship Council and the White Plains Housing Authority. Additional HCI members include Calvary Baptist Church, El Centro Hispano, Inc., Feeding Westchester, the Thomas H. Slater Center, White Plains Youth Bureau and the YWCA. Together, we offer free programs and resources promoting healthy behaviors and disease prevention. We aim to empower individuals with the tools they need to take better care of themselves and their families to lead longer, healthier lives.

Learn more and view resources related to the topics below.


Eating a variety of nutritious food supports a child's healthy growth and development into adulthood. By teaching children to make sound food choices from a young age, parents can help them be well and strong throughout their lives.

In addition to various specialty and pediatric services, White Plains Hospital is committed to the health of the children in our community through education and providing resources to help parents. Learning what goes into a healthy diet and focusing on nutrition are some of the simplest and most important ways to prevent the onset of disease.

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, here are some resources to help improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits:

Physical activity

Physical activity in children and adolescents improves strength and endurance, builds healthy bones and lean muscles, develops motor skills and coordination, reduces fat, and promotes emotional well-being (reduces feelings of depression and anxiety). Research has shown that instilling good childhood exercise habits has a protective effect on health in later years.

The Hospital believes that an active life goes hand-in-hand with overall well-being and encourages all parents and caregivers to be role models in fitness for their children. Be sure to encourage a variety of activities that are age-appropriate and fun. Exercise with your child to improve your own health while modeling the development of sound fitness habits. Your child is more likely to be physically active now and throughout their entire lives if you make physical activity a family priority.

For more information on exercise and the importance of physical activity, visit these websites:

Emotional well-being

Emotionally healthy kids are able to cope effectively with life challenges, and kids who have developed their emotional regulation skills generally have easier and better relationships throughout their lives. Parents can help their kids hone these skills by maintaining an open and equal sense of communication.

Stress, anxiety, bullying and peer pressure can affect a child’s mood and behaviors and may lead to serious health consequences. White Plains Hospital, through its commitment to the overall health of children in our community, supports parents in taking an active role in their child's emotional and social development. Learning to recognize some of the biggest pressures affecting children today, and assisting them in managing them, goes hand-in-hand with optimal health and better lives.

For more information on emotional health topics, visit these websites:

These topics are vital to everyone in our community for living a healthy life.