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White Plains Hospital’s Community Reports

White Plains Hospital is committed to improving the health and well-being of the community. In keeping with the New York State Commissioner of Health’s mandate, White Plains Hospital, together with our community partners and the Hospital’s Community Service Plan (CSP) Committee, continually reviews present initiatives, strategic plans and prevention agenda priorities. The Community Service Plan Committee’s mission is to assess our community’s health needs and recommend programs and/or services to meet those needs. In addition, the Hospital performs a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three years, which also guides the development and execution of the Hospital’s programs and services. Our plan for action has been identified through our Committee as we continue our ongoing dialogue with patients and their family members, local organizations, area business leaders, elected officials, not-for-profit corporations and the Westchester County Department of Health.

An essential part of this process is trying to understand the health issues that members of the community consider most important. To accomplish this, the Westchester County Department of Health, in partnership with all the hospitals in the county, has developed a Community Health Survey for widespread distribution and completion by members of the community. The results from this survey will help guide White Plains Hospital in our selection of our health priorities and programs for the next three years.

Below are links to the survey in English and Spanish. We would appreciate the assistance of all of our community members to ensure that this survey receives the widest possible distribution and that the results reflect the consensus of all of our neighbors. This is an ongoing process through the end of March 2019; we will then review results of the survey with our community partners.

English Survey
Spanish Survey

We are grateful for your support in ensuring that our healthcare efforts are deployed in the most effective and responsive way possible for the benefit of all the members of our community.


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