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Top heart specialists made sure this busy grandmother didn’t miss a beat.

"I have a very active lifestyle. I couldn’t let anything slow me down."
—Brenda Lender, Cardiology Patient

When she almost fainted following a short walk, Brenda knew something was seriously wrong. Her cardiologist discovered a slow heart rate, and sent her straight to the electrophysiology team at White Plains Hospital. See how an innovative pacing procedure helped Brenda keep up with her active family.

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The latest options for heart rhythm disorders

Arrhythmias, or heart rhythm disorders, are among the most common heart problems, affecting millions of people. White Plains Hospital delivers the latest treatment options for arrhythmias, including surgically implanted pacing devices, electrophysiology studies and catheter ablation procedures, to help people feel better and live longer.

Seamless integration with Montefiore

Working in partnership with Montefiore Health System, White Plains Hospital offers the entire spectrum of cardiac procedures with a patient-centered approach.

Exceptional cardiac care in a community setting

White Plains Hospital is home to an expert team of cardiologists, many trained at the nation's top heart centers. We provide advanced interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and diagnostic procedures, as well as emergency care for heart attacks – all in a comfortable, community-based setting.