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Patient stories


I had an acute anemia incident on November 18th. I was immediately brought to the Hospital's Emergency Department and attended to by a staff that were all focused and caring, including Nicoletta, the infusion nurse, and Dr. Ansari. Also, the receptionist and all the nurses who focused on my care were wonderful! I was assigned a bed on the fifth floor, room 5F, and that is when I meet my DAISY nominee, Hailey! Once the infusions were established, she came in to check on everything, especially me! She truly made me feel cared for. She is obviously a very bright woman with a great heart. She is an excellent technician and a wonderful, caring nurse! Her team was also very attentive, including Amelia, Brianna, the food servers, and Ryan, who wheeled me out in that ergonomically correct chair. I would also like to thank Ashley, my nurse after seven o'clock, who was also very caring.

So, you see, I had to write and acknowledge how well your staff handled a trying situation. Kudos to everyone, including Susan Fox, who has put her high intentions into practice! Also, the hospital is very beautiful inside and out. It has a very inviting, classy, and soothing atmosphere. For me, White Plains Hospital is a true oasis!