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All White Plains Hospital facilities are open amid the global technical outage. Patient care remains our top priority.


Entering those hospital doors for any reason can be an emotionally deleterious, traumatic experience. The staff at White Plains Hospital made that event a remarkably easy and comfortable experience for me when I arrived for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. From the gentleman taking temps at the entrance of the building, to the receptionist "welcoming" me at the 4th floor desk, to every single medical professional involved, I was treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

Particular plaudits to the following: Mary (triage nurse) who patiently suffered my incessant questions; Deborah Szabo (operating room nurse) who actually held, squeezed my hand and spoke comforting words to me, responding to my "goodnight" greeting as I fell asleep. Dr. Lee Tasking (anesthesiologist). A gem of a human being who gallantly waivered through my innocuous warnings of a medical mal practice suit if he "screwed up." His kindness, sensitivity, decorum and sense of humor was comforting beyond measure. Dr. Ari Bunim (surgeon). Only superlatives should be used to describe this medical professional's expertise. Although mechanically outstanding, his personality exhibiting kindness, sensitivity and empathy were the most important aspects of his care of this 75-year-old VERY senior citizen. A real "mensch." His mother did a great job.

Congratulations to White Plains Hospital for encouraging such a well-trained, empathetic and professional staff (including Michelle Eisener, who made that pro-forma phone call to see how I was doing today, showing sincere concern).