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Patient stories


I had the most amazing team taking care of my health!

I was hospitalized on July 2, 2016. I went to WPH because my instinct told me I will receive the care.. I was very sick and at some point I truly did not realize the severity of my condition. I was septic and at that moment I was fighting for my life. The doctors told me I was lucky to have survived such severe infection. I had the most amazing team taking care of my health. Dr. Zeitlin and Dr. Kahan were amazing! They truly saved my life and I cannot ever put into words how thankful I am for everything they did for me. I hold them dear to my heart and in my prayers all the time! Because of them I am alive today and I am able to continue raising my 4 young daughters. They were so caring and put all their experience to help me get better. My case was complicated but they were able to help me get through that difficult health experience. My instinct was right when I chose WPH! Everyone was on top of my health, the entire team was amazing! Thank you everyone and I cannot ever re-pay you for giving me my life back!