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My father went into the ER on two separate occasions, April 12th and April 29th. He had gangrene his toe, which is why we initially went in and he stayed about a week and then went into nursing care for IV antibiotics for osteomyelitis. While in nursing care, his picc line came out so we went back to have it replaced. WE had wonderful nurses and doctors both times, I was very impressed at the speed with which he had his blood drawn, had X-rays and was seen by a doctor. Unfortunately, the first time I didn't record names, but I think one nurse was named Aneesa? The second time, I wrote down Lorna MacFarlane, who was wonderful with my dad. Dr. Bregman was AMAZING. I had to leave to tend to my own children and I felt awful leaving my father there alone. Dr. Bregman called me TWICE to let me know what was going on. He also called Dr Ha, who had originally seen my father for this infection. The ER was busy both days we were there, but the care we received did not take long, nor was it hurried.