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On January 27th, 2021 I gave birth to my daughter at White Plains Hospital. This was my first birth and to say I was scared is an understatement. Being pregnant during a pandemic was no easy task - the fears that went along with delivering in a hospital during the time of COVID were tremendous. Knowing our families could not be with us during this experience was especially heartbreaking. The nerves paired with the pain made getting rolled into the hospital a very fearful experience.

As soon I was wheeled into the Labor and Delivery Unit my entire perspective began to change. Each and every nurse and doctor we came in contact with was positive, kind, and empathetic. Dr. Jennifer Meyer provided me with a much more peaceful birth experience than I could have ever imagined. When things went wrong she remained calm and kept me calm. My nurse, Patty DeSantis, was like a guardian angel during my labor and delivery. Her maternal nature made me feel like my own mother was by my side, and her professional attitude made me feel safe when I was in excoriating pain. Her calmness allowed us to keep our composure when our baby girl needed to be taken to the nursery right after birth. Patty checked in on our little girl Rosie and would give us updates. She even came to visit us two days later on her next shift to see how we were all doing. Patty truly transformed an experience I was fearful of into the most beautiful moment of my life and we are forever grateful to her and the entire Labor and Delivery staff. Dr. Meyer, Patty, Jill, Meg, were only a handful of the staff that we came into contact with during our stay. Each and every person we interacted with shared this same kindness with us. Thank you White Plains Hospital for our incredible birth story!