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Dr. James Peacock is truly a rarity. He is kind and compassionate. He genuinely cares for each patient like they are family. Being 25 years old, I was pretty scared during the process of finding out I had an arrhythmia. Dr. Peacock always makes sure to help me feel safe, and lets me ask him a million questions. I am grateful for his patience. I never feel like I cannot contact him if there is anything that I need. When it came to my procedures (EP study in 2019, and cardiac ablation in 2020) he did everything to make me feel comfortable and well taken care of. He understood how nervous I was but he held my hand through it twice now. The only promise a doctor can make is to do what they can, and I know that Doctor Peacock will always do his best. I am grateful for him, and really lucky to be under his care.

I am also really grateful to his staff and his nurses, including the two teams that were with me through both surgeries. They have all been so kind, caring, and uplifting. Each nurse that I have worked with has always made me laugh and feel at home, which is everything one could ask for. Sometimes laughter and comfort is truly the best medicine. Thank you all so very much for being amazing.