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My husband and I just called 4E to ask to relay a message to my Aunt Rena. A lovely nurse named Jessica suggested doing FaceTime. Jessica graciously and patiently helped us connect to FaceTime. Rena seemed to be asleep and nonresponsive to my eye, but we said we loved her and were thinking of her. We also sent love from other family members.

Jessica was so caring and kind. She said she would hold Rena's hand for us, and we saw her doing it. She said multiple times in a very warm way that the Hospital was taking good care of her. She was lovely and gracious.

Chantal, another nurse on either 4E or 4I, also did a FaceTime session for us the other day. She was also caring and patient.

We are so incredibly appreciative of the care and compassion these and other staff members are exhibiting. It would be appreciated and meaningful even under normal circumstances, but it is awe-inspiring and profound in this extraordinary situation.

You are making such a meaningful impact in more ways than I can say.