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Patient stories


I am so grateful to have found Dr. Caroline Stella and the Maternal Fetal Medicine team at White Plains Hospital. As a patient with a history of severe preeclampsia, I was a bit nervous going into the birth of my second child. Dr. Stella could not have been a more supportive and helpful guide during the nine months prior to the delivery, during my hospital stay, and while navigating postpartum issues after I was discharged. She was always available to answer questions and share her seemingly infinite medical knowledge. Dr. Stella is undoubtedly the most attentive and caring physician I've encountered in my lifetime. The attention I received regarding both my health and general well-being has been akin to what I'd expect from a doctor who was a relative or old friend. She also has fantastic taste in books and provides great recommendations.

My daughter, Ruby, was delivered via C-section just as COVID-19 began hitting Westchester. I was blown away by the quality of care I received not only from Dr. Stella, but by all the healthcare professionals I encountered during my time at White Plains Hospital. My deepest thanks to the incredible Labor and Delivery nurses who took such great care of me: Kathryn, Aleks, Anna and Sara, and the champion NICU nurses who took care of Ruby: Betsy, Vanessa, and Melissa. Based on their professionalism and positive demeanor, I would never have known there was a terrifying, life-threatening pandemic unfolding in real-time during my stay in the Hospital. Thank you so much for reminding me that not all heroes wear capes.