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To Whom it May Concern, I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude and respect for Dr. Ugochi Akoma. I first met Dr. Akoma when I was 28 weeks pregnant. My husband and I were at Maternal Fetal Medicine for an appointment and the ultrasound done did not show adequate fetal growth, as well as other complications. With sincere kindness, professionalism and compassion, Dr. Akoma told my husband and myself the difficult news and advised we go over to Labor and Delivery at White Plains Hospital immediately. She held my hand as I was being transported and assured me that I would be okay. This is something no other doctor has ever done for me, and the feeling of reassurance and support from her started that night, and remains until this day. The following hours were filled with fear and worry, as I almost delivered my baby via emergency C-section. That night I was admitted to White Plains Hospital for a week. Dr. Akoma personally came to visit me and check in on my well-being as well as the well-being of our unborn baby. She truly went above and beyond and her compassion and dedication was felt so strongly. After discharge, my husband and I had weekly visits to the MFM office where were thankfully under the care of Dr. Akoma and her expertise. Had it not been for Dr. Akoma’s early diagnosis, suggested additional ultrasound scans/office visits to MFM, as well as clear communication, I am not sure what our outcome may have been. We were able to “hold on” and deliver at 37 weeks. We have Dr. Akoma to thank for having no surprises upon delivery as well as having a clear understanding of what we could expect. I find comfort in knowing our next pregnancy we will have Dr. Akoma guiding us with her knowledge, professionalism and understanding of my medical history. My husband and I are forever grateful for her, as we attribute much of our “happy ending” to her.