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Hip replacement: When is it time? Find out.

Hip replacement: When is it time?

A hip that hurts can seriously affect your life. If hip pain is your constant companion, you may want to consider replacing that worn-out joint.

Hip replacement surgery is a safe, highly successful solution for painful hips, whether the pain is caused by arthritis or other conditions. Still, it’s a big decision to have surgery, and you need to be sure it is the right decision for you. Here are four key reasons why doctors may recommend hip replacement surgery.

1. Your pain limits your activities.

The pain can make it hard for you to do many of the things you want and need to do. This can include everyday tasks and chores—such as working, getting out of a chair, cleaning your house or bathing. Hip pain can also keep you from enjoying fun activities, like walking, golfing, gardening, bowling or dancing.

2. Your hip hurts even when resting.

You may have pain even when you’re trying to sleep. Because your pain doesn’t take a night off, you may find it hard to get a good night’s rest.

3. Your hip is stiff as well as painful.

Pain may not be your only hip problem. A stiff joint can make it hard to lift your leg for something as simple as putting on socks and shoes.

4. Other treatments haven’t helped.

Before recommending joint replacement, doctors usually suggest other forms of pain relief. Among them:

  • Physical therapy exercises.
  • Medications.
  • Mobility aids, like canes or walkers.

If nonsurgical treatments no longer work for you, surgery might be a good choice.

Ready to reclaim your life? Explore our joint-replacement decision-making tool. I’m ready!

Reviewed 3/28/2024


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