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Creative ideas for announcing your pregnancy

You're having a baby! That's some of the biggest news you'll ever have the pleasure of sharing with family and friends.

There's no right or wrong way or time to share these glad tidings. But here are some things to think about as you make your decision. 

The right time to spread the news

When you choose to tell people you're pregnant is up to you. According to the American Pregnancy Association, many women prefer to wait until after the first 13 weeks. That's when they are past the danger of a first-trimester miscarriage. Others might want to wait until they are four or five months pregnant. That way they can learn the baby's sex and make sure their ultrasound findings are normal.

If you really can't wait and want to tell people during your first trimester, a good rule of thumb is to only tell someone you'd be comfortable later discussing a miscarriage with. 

Consider people's feelings

We're about to walk through some fun ways you can announce your pregnancy via email or social media. But you may want to find a more personal way to tell the people in your life you're closest to before you inform your extended circle.

Think of it this way: You wouldn't want to find out after you shared the news on social media that your favorite aunt's feelings are hurt because you didn't tell her yourself. Thinking about who should hear your news firsthand will help you prevent any hard feelings. 

6 creative announcement ideas

You and your partner can have lots of fun with your pregnancy announcement if you choose to. Take a look at some of these creative ideas for your email or social media blasts.

  1. Snap a sonogram shot. There's nothing more obvious or sweet than incorporating your sonogram in your picture. 
  2. Dress up the dog. For many couples, their pets are their first babies. If you and your partner don't want to be in the picture, this is a good alternative. Snap a pic of your pup with a sign that says big brother or sister. 
  3. Personalize it. Custom tees and onesies make the moment fun. They're also keepsakes that you can hold onto after you take your announcement picture. "Future dad," "Mommy in the making," or onesies with your family name are popular ideas.
  4. Take it during your babymoon. Are you and your partner going on a trip before baby arrives? Consider taking your announcement photo then. You can write it in the sand during your beach vacation or take your sign and sonogram along with you till you find the perfect background. 
  5. Incorporate baby items. Close family and friends may have already given you a baby present or two. Using those items in your announcement makes a precious presentation. 
  6. Do a surprise announcement shoot. The moment you tell your partner that you're expecting is special all on its own. You may want to remember it by hiring a photographer to capture the moment. When you're ready to tell your extended circle, you can share those photos and use them as your pregnancy announcement. 

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Reviewed 12/18/2023

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