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Reviewed 5/25/2023

Childproof your medicine: How to keep medications away from kids

Medications are for healing. But in a child's hands, they can prove poisonous. Select a pill to learn about seven steps for keeping meds away from kids.


Store all medicine (including items like vitamins, creams and hand sanitizer) in a place that is both out of reach and out of sight. Locked cabinets are the safest place.


Keep medicines in their original, child-resistant containers. Use a medication schedule to help you take the right dose at the right time.


Put medicines back in their proper storage place right after you use them.


Make sure to relock the safety cap on a medicine bottle after using it. Listen for the click.


Let kids know medicine isn't candy, and only you can give it out.


Ask guests to put purses or coats containing medicine high and out of sight.


Keep the Poison Control Center number (800.222.1222) in your cellphone.

Did you know?

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