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Who's your mole mate?

Regular skin checks help you find skin cancer early, when it's often easier to treat. But some areas, like your back and scalp, can be hard to see for yourself.

That's why you might want to make it a date—and ask your spouse or intimate partner to be your mole mate. They can help you spot signs of skin cancer in hard-to-see places.

Do a skin check in 4 steps

Look for changes, including new or suspicious spots or spots that change, itch or bleed.

Check all over. Skin cancer can appear anywhere, from head to toe. Have your partner check areas you can't see. Or use a mirror.

Map your moles. Draw a simple outline of the front and back of your body, as well as the sides of your face and the bottoms of your feet. Recording spots on this map may help you track any skin changes.

Tell a doctor. See a doctor if you find any changes that concern you.

Sources: American Academy of Dermatology ; American Cancer Society

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Reviewed 1/20/2023


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