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Childbirth Education

Completion of this highly informative course empowers expecting parents with childbirth-focused knowledge, support, and an opportunity to inquire and obtain guidance on a myriad of aspects of the birthing process. Taught by certified childbirth education instructors and labor and delivery nurses, the class focuses on realistic preparation and expectations during the labor and delivery process, such as: the stages of labor; the labor positions your nurse may utilize to facilitate your delivery; introduction to breastfeeding initiation; and ways in which your partner/support person can provide assistance during your labor. This class will decrease fears and quell anxiety surrounding the childbirth process, while providing a forum to socialize and share information with other expecting parents.

The course is offered once a month on Sundays from 11am-6pm, it is held at White Plains Hospital in one of our large meeting rooms, and the cost is $175 per couple; Expectant mother and 1 support person. 8 couples maximum.

Light refreshments are served.