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Dr. Militaru

My sister is a 66-yr. old developmentally disabled woman, who has endured a very rough road these past 10 months. I am her guardian and live out of state, but have spent a significant amount of time in NY with her as she has conquered the many illnesses and set backs (including finding her a new group home) during these past many months. It is very difficult to have a loved one in a hospital on any given day, but to be 2500 miles away (and a 3-hr. time difference) can be agonizing. She has been hospitalized twice in the last 3 weeks. Both times she was under the care of Dr. Militaru, who called me every day to let me know how she was doing and was patient with me while I asked question after question. I am so grateful to Dr. Militaru, not only for her care of my sweet angel, but also for thinking to call me and assuage my concerns on a daily basis. We both are deeply appreciative of Dr. Militaru's medical care and her personal care. When my sister was near death last summer in another hospital in Westchester and I was beside her bed in ICU, I couldn't get a doctor to speak to me and my sister's care was subpar to say the least. Our experience now with White Plains Hospital has resurrected my belief that there are doctors out there who truly care for both their patients and their caregivers! Thank you, Dr. Militaru from the bottom of our hearts.


Dr. Philip Weber

I am a true survivor of many ordeals but obesity was the toughest. Without Dr. Weber I would not be here - PERIOD. So, Dr. Philip Weber I want to reach out to you and thank you for the 2nd chance at life which I cherish every day and yes, I made it. I tell others about my struggle and success and let me tell you, without Dr. Weber this world would not be as great. He made a difference in my life FOREVER and he gave me back my life by doing the surgery.



After many trying experiences elsewhere, we learned of Bettina at WPH wound care center. Bettina quickly addressed my mom's medical issues and scheduled her to be seen by Dr. Weber. The care and kindness shown to my 82 year old mom was unparalleled. With Dr. Weber in command and Bettina effectuating the team of staffers who took care of my mom from the moment she entered the wound care unit - my mom's medical needs were expertly addressed with the most care and compassion I have ever seen. The combination of medical excellence and treating the patient with compassion sets WPH wound care unit above all other providers.



I was visiting one of your patients on the 4th floor yesterday and took a wrong turn while looking for his room. A wonderful nurse Samantha found me and patiently walked me to the room.

I so appreciated her friendly smile and genuine courtesy — which is indicative of a hospital which exceeds all expectations and presents you to the public in a most flattering manner!

She is a stellar example of what am employee should be!


Donna Dahl and the staff from Intervention Radiology

From the moment Donna picked me up in the waiting room until my two procedures were over she put me at ease and explained all that was happening. The first day I came they weren't able to do the one procedure and she managed to turn the situation around and schedule all three of my procedures for one day, with one being in a different department. Her first priority was to make sure I was comfortable and calm which she achieved with flying colors. Along with the rest of the staff she made an unpleasant situation bearable.

Kerry (Labor & Delivery)

Kerry (Labor & Delivery)

As a first time mom, I was anxious and scared as I arrived at WPH in labor. From the minute Kerry was assigned to me, she was attentive, supportive and helped to put me at ease during my labor process. Her commitment and dedication to her job were obvious and her guidance was invaluable to me. Thank you Kerry!

Lisa Kramer

Lisa Kramer

I am a retired physician whose mother, Mariilyn Donsky, had a recent stay at White Plains Hospital. Although I am in Ohio, Lisa Kramer RN and her co-workers on 4E, Amity Vegara and Eleanor (case manager), were a huge help. They worked as a team and communicated with me many times during my mother's stay. Lisa took such good care of my mother and always advocated on her behalf. Lisa kept my mother cheerful and optimistic. I am very grateful to all the staff and especially to the three women I have mentioned. Thank you.


The 5E Team

All of the Ambulatory Nurses were very kind and sympathetic to Marianne and her anxiety over her surgery. Dr. Starr, the anesthesiologist, was very attentive and extremely thorough. Mary Flynn and her entire staff could not have been more helpful.

Dr. Nicole Fleischman was very confident and warm with Marianne. She also notified me in the Waiting Room right after the surgery - almost 3 hours to the minute as she predicted.

The entire 5E team including all of the nurses and even Andrew Parke - the orderly at the desk - were very, very attentive. Andrew was very helpful and excited to share with me his plans to continue his medical career with more college and training.

We are huge fans of White Plains Hospital and your entire team. Please let us know if we can do anything including providing a testimonial to you about the amazing service.


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