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As of January 1, 2021, United Healthcare has dropped White Plains Hospital, White Plains Hospital Physician Associates and Scarsdale Medical Group from its network, subjecting our patients to higher out-of-pocket costs when they receive care. Despite our best efforts to negotiate in good faith since July to prevent this from impacting our patients, United has done little to try to reach a fair agreement.

For our patients who have been impacted, we understand your frustration and we are frustrated too. Our sole priority is to care for our patients and we value the relationships we have with you. The same cannot be said for United who is looking to put profits over people. Last year, in the midst of a global pandemic, they made more than $22B in profits. It is wrong to keep patients from their trusted doctors and Hospital, especially during a pandemic.

    Let United know the company’s actions during a pandemic is unacceptable. Ask your HR Manager to provide another insurance option and share how important it is for you to be able to get care from the doctors you trust at White Plains Hospital, White Plains Hospital Physician Associates and Scarsdale Medical Group. You can customize this letter to send to your HR Manager encouraging them to switch.
    Tell Sir Andrew Witty, CEO, UnitedHealth Group, what it means to you to lose in-network coverage to White Plains Hospital and our physicians’ practices. Sir Witty can be reached at (952) 205-7401.

Remember, you can always use the White Plains Hospital Emergency Department in the event of an emergency. Additionally, patients who are pregnant or undergoing treatment for a chronic condition can apply for Continuity of Care. Call the customer service number on the back of your United health insurance card to request an application and then call your physician.

Hear how this is impacting our community

"I have some patients that have been under my care for over 35 years. We have built a special bond and the current situation with United has been hard on all concerned.   Not being able to see their family physician, who they have been going to for so long, leaves them feeling they have been jolted from a safe and secure medical situation – and leaves me upset and dissatisfied." – Dr. Gary Raizes, Cardiologist
"This has greatly impacted our ability to care for patients, some I’ve been seeing for almost 25 years. It is devastating how many patients can’t afford to stay out-of-network. We need to reach a fair agreement fast!" – Dr. Amy Eisenberg, Pediatrian
"United Healthcare’s decision to pick a fight could not come at a worse time. Our hospitals and healthcare providers are shouldering an oversized financial burden. State and local budget gaps are causing double-digit Medicaid cuts. Insurers are forcing consumers to swallow premium increases and higher out of pocket costs. Nurses and other essential workers are exhausted. Yet the insurance industry sits on record profits.  United Healthcare and other big insurers are enjoying banner years." – Michael N. Romita, President and CEO of the Westchester County Association in a recent op-ed in the Journal News
“I’ve had numerous calls from patients who are in pain that need my help and have confidence in my ability as a surgeon because of the care I have provided to their family members and friends. As a doctor, I just want to care for my patients and it is so discouraging that there is nothing I can do to help these people because their insurance company forced them out of network.” -Dr. Andrew Casden, Orthopedic Surgeon

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