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HEALTH Matters® Blog

Welcome to our blog! As we grow as a healthcare organization, we are ever mindful of our mission to connect with more people, in more ways. We want to continue to expand not only our facilities and programs, but our reach. We want to be a trusted resource for news, events that inform and educate, and stories that inspire. We hope this blog will be a useful platform, and that you will follow us here.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Having a breakfast can set the table for a successful day.
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Diabetes is Becoming An Epidemic

Recognize and reverse your risk for diabetes.

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Take This Simple Test to Check Your Heart Health

How taking the stairs can help diagnose and prevent coronary artery disease.


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Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Get a Sleep Study? Here’s One Patient’s Experience.

Take the first step to a better night’s sleep.
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Colonoscopies Dropped 86% During the Pandemic. See Why This is Dangerous…

It’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and time to get back on track by getting a colonoscopy. 
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Springing Forward to Better Sleep

About 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder, but there is hope.
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How Daily Stress Can Affect Your Heart

Money woes, daily obligations, and relationship tensions can all stack up against good cardiac health.
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Dear Doctor: How Do I (Safely) Re-Start My Exercise Routine?

Avoid a common exercise injury with these expert tips.
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Loosen Up! 4 Stretches to Start Your Day

These simple movements that will increase your flexibility.
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Is It Menopause or Could It Be Heart Disease?

Sneaky symptoms make it hard to tell. Here’s the doctor’s advice. 
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