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HEALTH Matters® Blog

Welcome to our blog! As we grow as a healthcare organization, we are ever mindful of our mission to connect with more people, in more ways. We want to continue to expand not only our facilities and programs, but our reach. We want to be a trusted resource for news, events that inform and educate, and stories that inspire. We hope this blog will be a useful platform, and that you will follow us here.

Helping Those Touched by Hepatitis

With prevention and treatment, hepatitis could someday be virtually non-existant. 
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Myths About Lice

A dermatologist explains what really works to make these dreaded pests disappear.  
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Joining a Cancer Support Group

Cancer support groups offer solace to people as they embark on their journey to survive and regain their health and independence.

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What to Do If You Get Sick on Vacation

Be prepared if you get ill or injured while away from home with these tips.

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Benefits of Sleep-Away Camp for Kids

Sending your kids to sleep-away camp helps counteract the effects of overscheduled lives and too much social media.
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Easing Pre-Surgical Anxiety

Being informed on what happens before, during and after surgery can make the process seem a little less daunting.
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Does My Child Need a Sleep Study?

A sleep-medicine physician can help you figure out if your child’s night-time habit is more than just noise.
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Hydrating: How Much is Too Much?

It’s important to stay water-wise during the hot days of summer. 
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White Plains Hospital MAKO Robotic Surgery

Less pain and faster recovery are among the benefits of arm-assisted robotic surgery for joint replacement.
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July Is Parathyroid Awareness Month

How much do you know about this important but often overlooked gland?
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