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Get Up From Your Desk

POSTED BY White Plains Hospital
September 04, 2018  
Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health – tips to help you get up and move! 

As many of us return from vacation, it’s a good idea to consider how much time you spend sitting at your desk (or in front of the computer screen – but that’s a topic for another time).  What is the impact of prolonged periods of sitting? And how can you counteract the negative effects of too much sitting during the day?

Farrukh Jafri, MD, Co-medical Director of  Urgent Care  at White Plains Hospital Medical & Wellness in Armonk and Assistant Director of Education and Simulation in the Emergency Department at White Plains Hospital, suggests finding ways to incorporate more activity into your regular workday.  “There is some data that suggests that a sedentary lifestyle may be a stronger predictor of mortality than some established risk factors including smoking.” Dr. Jafri recommends finding ways in your schedule to incorporate a more active lifestyle, “You can begin small, such as parking your car farther away, using standing or walking desks to reduce sitting time, holding standing or walking meetings instead of sitting.” He also recommends using measurement tools such as pedometers, which are associated with decreases in blood pressure and body mass index, or even smart-phone based applications. “It can be tough with our busy schedules to find the time to go to the gym regularly. While I encourage active lifestyles and finding ways to make time for regular exercise, there are also areas in our day to day schedule where we can find ways to become more active.”

Bottom line – doing something is better than doing nothing. So walk, stretch or dance (like no one is watching).

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