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Healthy Barbecues – Is there such a thing?

POSTED BY White Plains Hospital
July 13, 2018  
Can you really eat healthy at a barbecue?

It may take a little self-discipline, but it is certainly possible to eat well at a backyard barbecue. And it may not even be a sacrifice.
Start out by choosing lean protein. Grass-fed beef is a healthy (but not inexpensive) choice, so it may not always be available. But roasting less expensive cuts of meat on a skewer can still reduce the fat content. You can also add fresh vegetables to the skewer for a well-rounded dining experience. Alternatively, if offered you can choose chicken breast or go for a turkey burger as an alternative to beef.
Or, try eating your burger without the bun. OK, so maybe start with just half a bun. Not only are you eliminating some unnecessary carbohydrates in the bread, you will actually savor the taste of the meat. And if you’ve skipped the bun, you can treat yourself to a baked potato. Adding a little bit of butter or sour cream should not put you back too far. Or, if there is corn on the cob – did you know one ear counts as two servings of a vegetable? That’s pretty good. Just go easy on the butter and salt.
You might be surprised, but often barbecues will have healthy vegetable choices. As long as you avoid creamy dips, these vegetables are a good selection. Guacamole, especially home-made (which is really easy, here’s a recipe:, can be a tasty, healthy and satisfying (as in “filling”) snack. And you just can’t beat those vegetable fats! Bring it the next time you get an invite.
The trick to eating well at barbecues is taking the same care you would in selecting foods for your own family. Make a good choice of your basic courses, see that they have been prepared in the healthiest way, and eat in moderate quantities.
And remember, one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to spend time with good friends. So enjoy!

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