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My Doctor told me — to take a seat

POSTED BY Dr. Samantha Lowe, Pediatrician
January 23, 2019  
Eating together as a family nourishes the body and mind.

It’s not easy getting the whole family together for meals these days but when you can pull it off, it’s more than worth the effort. 
Sharing a meal together has huge benefits for adults and children alike. For Mom and Dad, it can be a big stress reliever. It also aids memory and improves cognitive function which can reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.
For your kids, dining as a family can
• promote healthier eating into adulthood
• make it easier to maintain healthy body weight
• improve communication skills
• lower risk of eating disorders
• increase self-esteem and reduce depression
• lower occurrence of teen smoking, illegal and prescription drug abuse
Plus, there is even evidence that children that are raised in families that eat their meals together often get higher grades and do better on achievement tests.

I know, we live in increasingly hectic times. But if your family can find the time to dine together—even if it’s just one meal a week—it’s one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

Photo of doctor Lowe Samantha
Dr. Samantha Lowe is a pediatrician at White Plains Hospital & Wellness in Armonk.

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