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My Doctor told me – to be fresh!

POSTED BY Dr. Ellen Lestz
January 08, 2019  
Fresh fruits and vegetables can be powerful medicine for the whole family.

Having a sweet pepper or broccoli at lunch or dinner might not be at the top of kids’ lists of favorite meals but fresh vegetables can be powerful medicine for the whole family.  The same is true for fresh fruits.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are
• Low in calories
• High in helpful carbohydrates
• Rich in nutrients and vitamins

Plus, they contain no cholesterol and almost no fat.

Stick to in-season, local vegetables and fruits. The fresher the produce, the more nutrient-dense. Plus, leafy greens and ripe fruit are full of Vitamin C, which is known to have protective benefits against colds and other viruses.

It’s the doctor’s orders—be fresh! Tag your healthy food photos! #healthywestchester

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