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Celebrating the holidays with your little ones

POSTED BY White Plains Hospital
December 21, 2018   |    0 comments
Things to watch out for—and other tips for parents during the holidays


Recently, Nurse Practitioner Marcelle Nesci from the White Plains Hospital Family Health Center spoke with our podcast audience about her work at the Center. She concluded her comments with some advice for parents during the holidays. Here are a few of her suggestions.

  • Check the Centers for Disease Control website for things that are dangerous. Make sure that you get toys that are age appropriate, paying special attention to swallowing or choking risks, as well as lead hazards in some holiday toys.
  • For children under three, take special precautions with certain foods like popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs.
  • Children two and younger need constant supervision. They need to be watched. And children two and older are very agile – they are likely to get into everything, particularly things they shouldn’t. Remain vigilant.
  • Toys left scattered on the floor can be a tripping hazard – for you and your little ones. Exercise caution and encourage children to put toys back in their proper place.
  • If your child is injured, sick or gets a rash or puffy eyes, take a photo with your phone. When you get to the doctor’s office you will then be able to show them exactly what you saw because, chances are, by the time you get there, the problem will already be resolved.
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