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Welcome to our blog! As we grow as a healthcare organization, we are ever mindful of our mission to connect with more people, in more ways. We want to continue to expand not only our facilities and programs, but our reach. We want to be a trusted resource for news, events that inform and educate, and stories that inspire. We hope this blog will be a useful platform, and that you will follow us here.

3 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Younger Child for COVID-19

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has just been approved for 12- to 15-year-olds – here’s what you need to know and why you should schedule a shot as soon as   {...}
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Day Camps are Back!

Summer means fun at day camps throughout Westchester.
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Seasonal Allergies Are Nothing to Sneeze At

Your allergies may change or disappear as you get older.

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5 Essential Pandemic Travel Tips

Taking the right precautions before you embark on public transportation can help you have a safe and healthy trip.
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Dear Doctor: Is It Safe to Send My Kids to Camp?

A pediatrician provides parents a sanity check. 
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Don’t Let Extra Weight Hold You Back

Those extra pounds you gained can have an adverse effect on your health.

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Teaching Your Kids to Practice Good Self Care

Letting go and letting your kids be in charge is the first step. 
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4 Common Childhood Health Problems Parents Might Miss

Your child’s pediatrician is often attuned to subtle signs of preventable problems.  
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Helping Teens to Take Their Health Seriously

Picking a compassionate pediatrician can ensure your children make good decisions throughout their entire lives. 

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Detection and Prevention Key in Treating Head and Neck Cancers

The life altering effects of cancer can be reduced if caught early.


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