Page 45 - White Plains Hospital Annual Report 2019-2020
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Linda Rodney and Marc Weinstein Valerie Salwen, PsyD and Stephen
Cheryl and Richard Rosen
Roberta and Joseph Rosenblum
Ruth Rosenthal
Melissa and Neil Roth, MD
Laurie and Marc Rovner
Robert C. Rowe
Juan Ruiz
Lynda and Robert Safron
Abby and David Salzman
Maricela and John Sanchez
Elena Sassower
Pamela Savarese
Jennifer and Michael Savner
Saxon Woods MOB, LLC
Scarsdale Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. Sylvia and Robert Scher Charitable
Michele Schoenfeld
Paula and Philip Schonberg
Judy and Edward N. Schwartz, MD Lynne and Jeff Schwartz
Gail and Max J. Schwartz
Scully Construction, LLC
Shon Sebastian, MD
Secord & Associates
Helyce and Ryan Sellinger, MD Matthew L. Shafiroff, MD
Deena P. Shah, MD and Pravin Shah, MD Harold Shames
Margaret S. Sheppe
Louise and David A. Shulman
Brenda and Richard Siegler
Irene and James F. Sieper
Fiona and Steven Silver
Syd & Jan Silverman Foundation Ellen F. Simon
Florence and Warren J. Sinsheimer Catherine B. Small, MD
Deborah and Scott Smith
Scott Sniffen
Abbey and Scott Solomon
Lauren and Lawrence Sorrel, MD Laura Spano, MD and Matthew Young Hilda and Peter H. Spitz
Jill and Richard Spitz
Leonard L. Steiner
Randy E. Stevens, MD and David Henkoff Beatrice Steyer
Kathryn and Robert Stiers
Patricia Stix
Laura and Peter Strauss
Gail Stroh
Ellen and Bob Sunness
Naomi and Joel Talish
Janet and Jack J. Teich
Barbara and Richard B. Teiman Deborah Tesler, MD and Peter Tesler, MD Lauren Thaler and William Null
TIAA Charitable
Today Media
Roberta and Peter A. Tomback
Alecia and William Torrance
Nicholas Totaro
Tritech Healthcare
Yvonne D. Tropp and Alan R. Epstein UBS
Anne and John Uglum
United Way of Greater Portland
Ann Marie and Louis S. Vaccaro Angela and Gerard Varlotta, DO Vickers Realty Ltd.
Nancy and Carlo Vittorini
VNSW Foundation, Inc.
Jacqueline and Arthur Walker
Susan and John D. Walker
Carolyn and David Wasserman Washington & West, LLC
Nettie Webb, EdD
Linda and Philip Weber, MD
Sharon and Jonas Weiner
Rebecca and Neal A. Weinstein Julie and Todd Weiser, MD Susan and Barry Weisfeld Lauren Weisholz
Barbara and Barry Wenglin, MD Westchester Fairfield Joint Electrical
Apprenticeship Committee Westchester Magazine Westchester Urological Associates Williams Companies, Inc.
Mark Willis
Bernadeth C. Wilson Ruth Winkelman Wender
Foundation, Inc.
Allison and Alexander Wohl
Diane and Howard Wohl
Laura Butterfield and Peter D. Wolfson Nancy and Elliot K. Wolk
Diane and David Woolley
WPH Human Resources/
Occupational Health/Pastoral
Kimberly Yee, MD and Patrick
Murray, MD
Yael Zack, MD and David Zack Beth Zadek and Joph Steckel, MD Lois and Bruce Zenkel
Hilary and Matthew Ziffer
Nicky and Denis Ziman
Marion and Philip Zuckerman, MD
   2019-2020 ANNUAL REPORT
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