Page 44 - White Plains Hospital Annual Report 2019-2020
P. 44

Sheila and Christopher Healy Nancy and James Heymann
Hilton Westchester
Denise and Jonathan L. Holder, MD Norma and Stanley Hoppenfeld Janet and Leslie Horrell
HSC Acquisition LLC
Harry Hutzler
Roddy Iacovino
IBM Employee Services Center Imperial Parking
Tracy and Marc Jaffe
Bushra and Farrukh Jafri, MD
Helen Jhang, MD and Seth E. Lerner, MD Mary Helen Jordan
Matilda and Gary Joseph
Susan and John Jureller
Drs. Anna S. and Lawrence J. Kadish Stacie Kahan, MD and Edward
Ameet Kamat, MD
Rosalind Karlitz
Loryn and Michael Kass
Judy and David Katz
Ann and John S. Kaufman
Kee Oyster House
Christopher Keenan
Catherine Kelly, MD
Lois Kempler
The Kensington White Plains Andrea Kessler and Loren Weiss Bettina and Michael Klein Judith and Jerome Koch William Koleszar
Christine Kopec
Susan and Daniel Kornstein Rabbi Emily F. Korzenik
Denise and Jeff Koslowsky Thomas Kozera
Kozera Family Foundation KPMG
Maris and Jesse L. Krasnow Wendy and Douglas Kreeger
Garett Kreitz
Lori and Steven Kron
Veronica LaVoun
Lehrer, McGovern, Bovis, Inc.
Anna and Vladimir Lemin
Jean Lesko, MD and Stephen Lesko Robin and Stanley Levin
Michelle and Andrew Levine
Adele and Leonard Lewis
Deborah and Eric Lichtenstein LogixHealth
Anthony F. Loiacono, MD
Ilyssa and Eric Londa
Carol and John R. Loomis
Kay Lovig, MD and Leif C. Lovig Honorable Nita and Stephen Lowey Elina Lublinsky
Vincent A. Mancheril
Vanessa and Mark Mandel
Egesta Mani, MD and Neritan Mani, MD Evelyn and Joseph Mannino
Nancy and Larry Marcus
Judith and Michael Margulies
Marie Marich
Linda Markowitz
Cathleen and John R. McCarthy Joelle and Rick McCarthy
Medline Industries, Inc.
Carol and Philip Mehler
Tish and Mark Mercurio
Merrill Lynch
Kim and Evan Meyers
Milberg Factors, Inc.
Marjorie and Morgan L. Miller Robert I. Miller
Rosemary and John Miller
Susan and Ira Millstein
MIMEDX Group, Inc.
Barbara Mines
Pamela and Howard Mizrachi, MD Craig Mochson, MD
Jacqueline E. Monaco-Bavaro, MD
Julie A. Monroe, MD and Jason I. Monroe Anthony Montalto
Judy and Alan Morse, MD
Susan and Joel Morse
Daryl and Michael J. Moss Gabrielle Moss and Dean Straff, MD Anna and Franco Muggia, MD Michelle Multz, MD and Alan S.
Multz, MD
Network for Good
Judith and Stuart T. Nevins, MD New York Spine & Pain Physicians Ira M. Newman
Susan O’Boyle and Edward Krajewski Catherine O’Brien
Gail and James O’Connor
On Deck Medical Group
Terry and Robert Orlofsky
Vibha and Shekhar Palekar, MD Richard Panio
Sharon Peckham
The Peckham Family Foundation Betty and Carl H. Pforzheimer III Sharon and Irving H. Picard
Betsy and Geoffrey Picket
Pilkington & Leggett, PC
Linda and Seth Plattus
PMA Companies
Margaret and Ronald F. Poe Portfolio Evaluations, Inc.
Beth and Peter P. Post
Paula Preis
Louisa Pricoli
Douglas Ramsay
Barbara and John A. Ramsdell, MD Stephanie and Jk Rasamny, MD Suzanne T. Reiffel, PhD and Robert S.
Reiffel, MD
Francoise and Kevin B. Reilly, MD Valerie and Alan J. Rein
Tricia and John Riccio
Natalie and Irwin Robinson

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