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and I enjoy providing encouragement to them,” she says. There’s also a personal satisfaction for Feder, who says, “I choose to continue the things that meant so much to my husband, and this is a tribute to him and a way of remembering him.”
Though Smith and Feder did not get a chance to meet at Nurses Week this year, Smith says she owes Marge “a huge thank you.” Smith sees herself growing her career at White Plains Hospital. “Eventually, I would
like to work in the intensive care unit, or maybe return to school for my master’s or Nurse Practitioner degree. I like that here at White Plains Hospital, your hard work is appreciated. This is definitely a place where I’d like to stay and build my career.”
   Alannah Smith was recognized during the 2019 Nurses Week celebration. Pictured here are Leigh Anne McMahon, SVP and Chief Nursing Officer, Award Winners Shaina Hernandez, Aimee Monaghan, Alannah Smith, Karen Fon, Director of Nursing, Marge Feder and Susan Fox, President & CEO
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