Page 38 - White Plains Hospital Annual Report 2019-2020
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maintaining the couple’s devotion to the success of White Plains Hospital.
“When Bob was Chairman, he became very much aware of the crucial role nurses played in the Hospital and, as patients of White Plains Hospital ourselves, both he and I experienced this first-hand,” says Marge Feder, who was also a Hospital volunteer for many years. During one particular Hospital stay, she recalls, Robert was chatting with a nurse technician
about his ambitions to further his education and become a nurse. “It was wonderful seeing the role of the nurse as something to strive for and attain. This was something Bob and I felt very strongly about.”
Marge enjoys attending Nurses Week each year, celebrating the Hospital’s skilled clinical staff, and getting a chance to witness the Feder scholarship recipients’ success. “I love coming to the Hospital. I love seeing the enthusiasm among the nursing staff,

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