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lungs and improve oxygen intake. As Dr. Michael Gott considered how he could help, he had been following the news out of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, where some colleagues were starting to prone, or turn, patients and achieve positive outcomes.
So when Dr. John Cardasis, Director of Critical Care at WPH, who was leading the care of the Hospital’s COVID-19 patients in the ICU, came up with a plan to create two “proning teams,” Dr. Gott was quick to sign up, as did several other orthopedic surgeons, thoracic surgeons, PAs, and physical therapists — all experienced in positioning patients on their stomachs during orthopedic surgeries.
Proning patients twice a day (facedown in the evening, then face up again in the morning) required both physical strength and delicacy; they needed to make sure they did not disturb the patient’s lines and tubes (a thoracic surgeon on each team managed the breathing tubes) or cause skin or other damage. Members of the nursing team assisted when they could to expedite the procedures, which took about 20 minutes for each patient.
“It was unlike anything we’ve ever done before and nothing like what I normally do on a day-to-day basis. It was very rewarding from a patient care perspective,” notes Dr. Gott. “I understood the risk, but I had confidence in my PPE and took precautions at home to keep my family safe.”
Working on the front lines every day, Dr. Gott saw
firsthand the extraordinary efforts of the nursing staff caring for so many sick patients under extremely stressful conditions. “To see nurses who we would normally see in the OR during elective procedures now in critical care mode was inspirational. We did anything we could to help from the nursing perspective. Things such as helping to change bed linens, help with how the lines were positioned, even just to say ‘hello’ and talk about something that wasn’t related to COVID.”
For this, the nurses of White Plains Hospital are extremely grateful.
“Our nurses did an extraordinary job providing highly skilled care to an exponential amount of critically ill patients,” says Jennifer Bello, MSN, Senior Director of Nursing, Critical Care. “But having the collaboration and support of our physicians who are not normally working directly with these types of medical patients, in this environment, illustrated what our organization prides itself on — interprofessional, collaborative, and exceptional patient care.”
By answering the call, White Plains Hospital’s physicians helped to reassure the nursing staff that no patient was missing out on care that was essential to their achieving the best outcome, and that another care partner was helping to ensure that their care needs were met, Bello says. “Our physicians and nurses have always been a strong team, but this was just another level and demonstrated that we were all truly in this together.”
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