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Her decision to pursue nursing as a second career, after seeing her kids off to college, was inspired by her sister-in-law Renee, who had special needs. Macri cared for Renee during a long illness until she passed away, a year before she graduated with her nursing degree from Pace University. She also accompanied her husband’s 28-year-old cousin, Stacey, to breast cancer treatment every other week, providing her with her first experience with oncology.
So, when a position opened up on the oncology medical-surgical unit on 5F at White Plains Hospital in 2017, she jumped at it.
COVID-19 presented challenges that she never dreamed of in nursing school, but her nurturing nature and strong sense of family was a great teacher. She quickly learned that small gestures, like a simple touch, made a big difference to her patients and their families.
She remembers one elderly patient who was nearing the end, and the many conversations she had over the phone with the woman’s son. The patient was religious, so Macri tried to incorporate some meaningful rituals, including using moisture barrier cream as an anointing oil to bless the woman and say prayers. After she passed, Macri carefully removed the woman’s wedding band from her finger, disinfected it, and delivered it to her son in the Lobby.
Macri’s motivation is healing in its own right. In 2019, she was given a Daisy Award, nominated by a family
Hugo Sosa
for her compassionate care of their daughter with special needs, a former patient on 5F.
During COVID-19, she remembers cheering on one particular patient through some dark days. “He was a NYC firefighter. I told him, you are so strong, you made it through 9/11, you can make it through this!” Macri recalls.
A month later, while at home between shifts, a colleague sent Macri a video — it was her patient, Captain Sosa of the NYFD, whose story and discharge was so inspiring it made regional and national news. “I was so happy. When I saw that video, I remembered how hard I tried to keep him going,” says Macri.
There are more than 1,300 other stories like these that speak to the strength and camaraderie of a compassionate nursing staff that continues to see our community through this crisis.
    2019-2020 ANNUAL REPORT

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