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Dozier has no plans to retire completely anytime soon. She hopes to phase down to part-time work, so that she can remain with her work family a little longer. While she has worked at various health facilities throughout Westchester, White Plains Hospital has always been her home base.
The teamwork among the nurses and staff is one of the reasons Dozier has chosen to spend the sunset of her career at the Hospital. “We had to work as a team to make it through the day,” she explains. “You had to have an open mind and know that if you were available, you would go and help someone if they needed it, because there were days when we were calling two to three rapid-response codes in a two- hour period. I would leave my shift feeling I had their back, and they had mine.”
Kerri ElSabrout
When Kerri ElSabrout, Assistant Vice President of Patient Care Services, was asked to help facilitate a virtual video call between a patient with COVID- 19 and his wife and children, she didn’t think twice. Having to restrict visitors to the Hospital to minimize exposure and spread took a heart-wrenching toll on everyone. It meant that nurses — including the nurse leaders — had to step into some challenging roles they did not usually fill.
The sick man was intubated in the ICU and was not doing well. One by one, every one of the man’s adult children on the screen told their father how much they loved him, and what he meant to them in
different ways. ElSabrout remained present, listening as each family member spoke, feeling their pain and grief with every word.
“Like many nurses, I was being witness to a very private conversation with this family that I had previously had no contact with,” says ElSabrout, now marking 20 years in her nursing career. “It was a mixed message of ‘hold on you can do this, Dad’ and ‘if you can’t, it’s okay.’ It was a hard conversation.”
Finally, when it was the patient’s youngest child’s turn to speak, she began by calling her father Daddy. “It just broke my heart,” said ElSabrout. “The way she called him Daddy. It made me think if my father was in that position, and what it must have felt like for them not being able to hold his hand. His wife said to him, that if she could be there she would hold his hand. So I assured her, ‘I am holding his hand for you’.”
A few hours after ElSabrout helped the ICU patient with the video call, he quietly passed away. But like many other patients, he was able to hear the voices of his loved ones and feel the warmth of the nurses who cared for him before he passed.
ElSabrout is so proud of the work that the nursing staff at White Plains Hospital has done these last several months. For all those that were lost, there were many more that have recovered, and are now home with their families.
Registered nurse Lina Macri’s first career was in human resources. Caring for people one way or another has always been a part of her DNA.
Lina Macri

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