Page 22 - White Plains Hospital Annual Report 2019-2020
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patients and to the Hospital being able to handle the unprecedented volume and severity of illness that came with the COVID-19 surge. Their courage, dedication, and clinical excellence set the foundation upon which the rest of the intensive care unit functioned.”
Working with Dr. Cardasis and other leaders, she also helped to create a special weaning unit, where patients would transition after they came off ventilators, to work with speech and physical therapists on their road to recovery. “We all said that unit was like sunshine because through all of this really dark stuff, we saw people being discharged, going home, and eventually coming back and visiting us,” she says.
In response to the grateful patient, Bello can’t help but think now, “Thank you! We couldn’t have done it
without you. He was the first glimmer of hope when everything first started because we didn’t know how it was going to go. He made us realize that by working together, there are people we are going to be able to save.”
Throughout the rest of the nursing staff, there is no shortage of similar stories of support and encouragement from colleagues, which gave them the strength to help others.
It was the first week in March when Ertha Small- Nicolas, the Emergency Department Nurse Manager, and the rest of the ED staff started seeing

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