The Blood Donor Center at White Plains Hospital

To ensure a safe, clean and adequate supply of blood to our community, White Plains Hospital operates a volunteer blood donor program, through which we recruit people from the community to donate blood. We also work with community organizations, houses of worship, schools and businesses, to set up blood drives at your location. Our specially trained staff meets with donors and can draw blood at almost any venue.  Last year alone, White Plains Hospital transfused over 6,000 pints of blood to our patients. Blood is always in demand, and your blood donation will help ensure that there is a sufficient blood supply available to our community when it is needed.

Giving blood is completely safe, and never puts the donor at risk. All supplies including the needle used for blood donations are sterile and discarded after each use.

For blood donation events, our team of professionals will come out to the location of a sponsoring organization and help to organize an on-site blood drive. To learn more about the blood donor program at White Plains Hospital, click below to view frequently asked questions about blood donation.

For donation inquiries call 914-681-1056