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Lung Nodule

What is a lung nodule?

  • A lung nodule is a term that is used to describe an abnormal collection of tissue within the lung.
  • It is sometimes interchanged with the word mass.
  • Neither mass or nodule means cancer.
  • A nodule or mass can be cancer, but this would need to be proven by a tissue biopsy.

What if there is a lung nodule on a CT Scan?

  • A variety of doctors including pulmonologists, primary care physicians and thoracic surgeons can provide guidance for evaluation of your lung nodule.
  • It is important to retrieve any CT scans of the chest that have been done in the past. As part of our Comprehensive Lung Nodule Care, we will compare the new CT scan films with the ones from the past.
  • Smaller nodules may be followed with CT scans done at certain time intervals.
  • Larger nodules may require a biopsy to determine if it is benign or malignant.

What can cause a benign lung nodule?

What are malignant lung masses?

How can a lung nodule be evaluated?

At White Plains Hospital, we provide Comprehensive Lung Nodule Care. Click here to find out more about our program.