Financial Responsibilities | White Plains Hospital

Financial Responsibilities

Understanding your financial responsibilities will help you make the appropriate arrangements for your care. For questions regarding current rates, please contact the Credit Department at (914) 681-1016. Please note that all charges are subject to change.

Additionally, many insurance companies require pre-certification before your surgery is approved for payment. If your insurance company certifies your surgery, please give the pre-certification number to the Admitting Registrar or a Credit representative. Some insurance companies require a second surgical opinion. Be sure to check with your carrier to see if this is required. Compliance with these terms will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Patients with No Insurance

Patients with no insurance coverage will be required to leave a pre-admission deposit. Charity care or Medicaid may also be available for services Please review our financial aid policy.

Outpatient elective procedure deposit rates are as follows:

Ambulatory Surgery $2500
Endoscopy $2000
Laser/Minor $500

Inpatient pre-admission deposits are $1,000 per day and based on a three-day stay.

Medicare Deductibles

Medicare patients without supplementary insurance coverage are required to pay the current Medicare deductible rate.

Maternity Deposits

Maternity patients with no insurance coverage are required to make the following deposits:

Mom and newborn, normal delivery $3,000
Mom and newborn, C-section $3,500

Maternity patients with insurance coverage for mother only are required to make the following deposits:

Newborn, normal delivery $800
Newborn, C-section $1,500

Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic surgery may not be covered by your insurance. Pre-admission deposits will be requested in these instances.

Telephone Deposit

There is a daily charge for the use of telephone service in your room. A deposit based on an estimated three-day stay is requested upon admission.

Private Room Deposit

Patients who request a private room are required to pay an additional charge.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Testing Center (914) 681-1232
  • Admitting Office (914) 681-1140
  • Ambulatory Surgery (914) 681-1291
  • Credit Office (914) 681-1016
  • Directions Hotline (914) 681-2240
  • General Information (914) 681-0600
  • Pre-op Case Manager (914) 681-2179
  • Pre-Op Chart Review (914) 681-2144